Autumn Term – Identity

Our topic this term is ‘Made in Nottingham’. We will be looking at how Nottingham got its name, the history of the city, where we are located in the world and about famous people who came/come from Nottingham. Reading some of their autobiographies is going to inspire us to write our own. We are going to be heading to Sherwood Forest in October, where we will be building dens using our teamwork skills to work together. The children will also learn about the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They will then be turning these newly learnt facts into comic strip stories.

During Art we will be looking at the artist Banksy and discussing if his art is vandalism or not. The children will then use different mediums to create their own ‘Banksy’ styled art. This term we will be learning about Electricity in Science. The children will be creating circuits which will link to their DT project where they will be making a light up Nottingham themed Monopoly themed board game.

Our Autumn term class book

We are going to be looking at Star Boy by Jami Gigot, which is a book inspired by the life and lyrics of David Bowie. 

‘David Bowie is one of the most influential artists of our time, beloved for his joyful self-expression and fierce individuality. But how did he come to be this iconic Starman, celebrated by millions around the world? Inspired by the life and lyrics of David Bowie, author Jami Gigot imagines the story of a lonely young boy enchanted by the music of the stars–yet no one else can hear the shimmy-shake rhythm that moves through his body. At first misunderstood and ignored, David ultimately finds the courage to be true to himself, sparking a dazzling revolution… Starboy is about embracing your individuality and seeing the best in yourself’.


Year 4 Autumn Introduction Letter
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