Spring Term – Sustainable Development

The Spring term theme for Year 3 is called Look Deeper. We will be delving deep into the impact and solutions around plastic pollution in our oceans and our local rivers. During this journey, the children will also explore the implications our actions have on the local environment and the surrounding wildlife. Eventually, all of our research and understanding will help build positive solutions, to use now and in the future, which will help reduce our impact on the planet’s survial. 

NEWS FLASH! It’s oh- fish- ial, we are starting the unit off with a cray-zy visit to The Deep. Keep your eyes peeled for pictures arriving soon! 

Key Questions 

  • What is ocean pollution?
  • How does the pollution reach the ocean?
  • How does pollution effect oceans?
  • How does pollution effect rivers?
  • How are rivers formed?
  • What are the features of a river?
  • What are the main rivers in UK?
  • What ways can we prevent pollution?
  • How can we reduce the amount of pollution entering our rivers?

Our Shared Reading

During our daily shared reading sessions, we will be immersing ourselves in the wonderful book ‘This Morning I Met a Whale’ by Michael Morpurgo. We start off by visualising what creature is swimming in the Thames and researching the creature after the big reveal! The children listen to the key messages the bottle-nosed whale shares with Michael, here the whale stresses the importance of how humans help look after the animals but the animals also help to look after us and the planet. The children begin to understand the importance of looking after wildlife and the environment and share the whale’s warning; that the earth’s days are numbered and that humans must put right the damage they are doing. This book becomes a stimulus for our own river narratives so keep a look out for our online library appearing soon! 

If you want to get hooked into a new book this half term, why not consider one of our themed recommendations (see picture opposite). Some copies can be found in the classroom and some are linked to our digital library on Showbie. Don’t forget you could always swap books with your fellow friends too! 


The Deep Trip 2022
Spring Topic Letter