Autumn Term – Identity

The Autumn term theme for Year 3 is called Time Travellers. We will be focusing on the ancient history of both the Egyptians and the Romans. Most of our lessons will be constructed around a comparison between the two eras or we discover ways in which their innovation and creativity has supported our current way of living/travelling. To help bring our unit to life, the children will get to see real life, ancient artefacts in order for them to gain a clear perception of what life was like back then compared to the modern luxuries we have today. 

In art we will be exploring an Eygptain artist –Hossam Dirar to influence our annual calendar designs. We will then proceed to research ancient egyptian amulets to inspire our very own clay amulet desings. In DT, we will be constructing roman catapults for our EPIC battle of the classes! Who will be victorius this year?

What a fun filled term we have ahead! We hope you are ready year 3!

Key Questions 

  • Who was King Tut?
  • Was he murdered?
  • Who was Julius Caesar?
  • Was he assassinated?
  • Who has the most power?
  • How has entertainment changed from Egyptians/Romans to now?
  • Who was the greatest entertainer of the 20th century?
  • Are films better now or in the past?
  • How did TV change the world?
  • What has been the impact on society?
  • What will the future look like?

Our Shared Reading

During our daily shared reading sessions, we will be delving into “There’s a Pharaoh in Our Bath!”. This book will engage the children due comical happenings of the grave robbers; Grimstone and his sidekick Professor Jelly. This will allow the children to make links to ancient Egyptian history and to modern day living as they join Ben and Carrie on their rescue mission to save a four thousand year old pharaoh! There are many important themes and strong messages conveyed within the book including: the adventure and exploration, kindness, fun and having empathy for others. 


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