Reports back via the staff Whatsapp are that the children at camp (4 Poplar) overnight on Monday have been having a lovely time. No problems to report!

Today is the turn of 4 Ash, before Elm (Wednesday) and Rowan (Thursday). Fingers crossed that the nice weather holds – the forecast is pretty good!

Some reminders:

For all camps, the buses depart at 9:30.

The children returning on any given day can be collected from school from 1pm. They will have their register mark and will count as present. Their attendance will be unaffected. They are equally welcome to stay until the end of the school day. It is entirely up to parents/carers.

If you chose to collect early, you will need to come to the office, ask for your child to be sent down, and then sign them out on the electronic system. If everyone arrives at once, there will be queues (which is fine by us), so you might want to stagger your arrival to miss the rush.