Spring Term – Sustainable Development

This term in Year 2, we are exploring the whole school theme of Sustainable Development – A Clean, Green World, through our own theme of ‘From Bean to Bar.‘ This will see us focus on the history of chocolate, the production of chocolate and the benefits of buying Fair Trade products. We will be exploring this topic through the use of some carefully chosen texts (see below) and using these as a base to form our written published outcomes. The children will also be researching, designing and making their own chocolate during our DT project and using this as fund raising opportunity to donate to a charity of their choice.

Values – respect, compassion, equality, fairness and collaboration.

Drivers – Historical enquiry.

In addition, this topic will see the children consider:

  • How WE can take care of the environment
  • How WE can show an interest in the environment
  • To know OUR actions can have a positive/ negative impact on the environment
  • To know that humans can have a positive effect on the production of chocolate

Our Spring Class Texts

The Chocolate Monster by Pips Jones

“Watch out! There’s a chocolate monster on the loose!”

A beautifully illustrated book of a chocolate monster who stops at nothing to get his huge hands on the delicious, tempting treats. He blames the mum, the dad, the little girl and even the cat! The children will have the opportunity to plan out the next book in the series… Chunk Strikes at Parkdale! I wonder which teacher will get the blame this time!

If I Were in Charge of the World by Judith Viorst

This poem allows the children to consider things they believe are bad for the planet and humanity and begin to consider what would be better for a happier, healthier planet where we can all live in harmony.