On Friday 16th September we sent home lots of information about Reception. We thought a quick summary would be helpful.
You should find a letter explaining which class your child is in, and which house group they will belong to throughout their Parkdale life.
There is also a welcome letter for your child’s specific class, with details about the class teacher, PE days and bits of useful information.  The pack also contains their class timetable and the details of the Reception support team.
We have included a Topic Web, so you can see how we structure our learning opportunities, and a letter, titled “Welcome to Reception”  which outlines our topics for Autumn term.
All of this information is replicated in the Documents section of our webpage.
Finally we just wanted to draw your attention to the two requests in your welcome pack.
  1.  Please email your child’s class teacher OR update Tapestry, with a family photograph to be displayed in their classroom.
  2. Please email your child’s class teacher OR update Tapestry, with a short video of yourself, talking about your favourite toy, tv show or book when you were their age. These videos are just for the children to view but really help them to develop a sense of change and time passing.
Thank you so much for the wonderful start to the school year.
Please do keep checking Tapestry and our website, we update them both constantly!