Welcome back to all of our Reception children and families. We hope that you enjoyed the half term break.

As always the next half term is packed with fun events and lots happening! Please try to arrive for the 825 bell as we are beginning each day with some music, mindfulness and traditional board-games.

In our topic work we will be exploring the UK and celebrating the different communities within it. In English work we will keep learning new sounds in phonics and learn to blend them together, and to identify the sounds in words. We will write labels for different items (using first sounds at first) and match items to their labels.
In Reading sessions we will continue to tell stories and remind you to please have your child’s reading book in school every day.
In Maths we will continue to solve problems using numbers up to 5 and ensure that children understand the different ways to make each number, (eg if you have 3 toys and get one more you will have 4).

When December comes we will go on our first school trip and celebrate a nativity play with you all.

Our topic “key book” will be “We are all Neighbours”. Please have a look on Tapestry for a suggested list of storybooks that will support your child in their Maths lessons.

This week we will cover England, try tea and cake, learn about the Angel of the North, Stonehenge, the FA, Guy Fawkes and Alfred the Great. We will talk about the value of Respect and how it is important to be respectful of the different communities that we find out about.