Welcome to this week’s bulletin…

Another busy bulletin, with the usual round-up of news and informaiton from the website.

Firstly, some thoughts about the confilct in Gaza. We appreciate that this is at the forefront of many people’s thoughts and that the conflict is a terrible tragedy. We have been asked to pledge support and solidarity with both sides of the confict. This has been discussed at length both in school and wider across Transform Trust.

At Parkdale, we believe that the right thing to do is to support humanitarian relief whilst not involving ourselves in the politics; the rights and wrongs of the conflict.Whatever our personal views, we will not be seeklng to influence the views of children or the wider community, only sharing our values; chiefly compassion, but also – moral strength, respect for rule of law, democracy, tolerance of difference, individual liberty and mutual respect.

We undertake to continue to support recognised globally-active, non-partisan humanitarian charities, particularly where the focus is around children. We hope and pray for a swift and peaceful resolution to this conflict and others around the world.

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