There are some warnings about high temperatures at the start of next week, with highs in the low 30s forecast for Monday and Tuesday.

The good news here is that the extreme highs are not expected until the mid or late afternoons. On neither day is the temperature expected to be above 30 degrees until after 1pm.

For the Y5/6 Sports Day on Monday, temperatures are forecast to be around 23 to 26 degrees with a gentle breeze. We will keep an eye on this, but expect to manage with keeping the children hydrated and putting up shelters as far as possible. Early Years have managed in very similar conditions today – in fact, it was very pleasant!

Similarly, the Year 6 Leavers Assembly on Tuesday should be over before the extreme temperatures arrive. We will aim for a very prompt 9am start for this and keep it short and sweet. Any socialising and photos can be outside and we can all retire from the Hall to the field and find a bit of shade it necessary. Year 6 also have their Leavers’ Festival on Tuesday evening. It will be hot, but we still plan for this to go ahead, with the provision of shady spaces on the field, plenty of water and advice to not be too active. We would anticipate that children of this age can regulate themselves sensibly though we will of course monitr and guide them.

The Open Evening on Monday does fall in the part of the day forecast to be scorchingly hot. We are unable to re-arrange this for an alternative time, so will continue and be here and open for parents/carers who want to come along. If you decide it’s too hot and don’t want to come along, don’t worry!

Our girls’ football team have their big, eagerly-anticipated cup final on Monday, kick-off scheduled for 4pm. The organiser from the Gedling Schools FA has already been in touch to say he is aware of the forecast and will review at the weekend. We suspect he will choose to postpone and possibly re-schedule for Wednesday, possibly during the school day, which looks more suitable.

We have received a lot of advice from our health and safety partners at Nottingham City Council. If and when the temperatures exceed 30 degrees, we will look at how long we leave children outside for, re-arrange playtimes, encourage them to be in the shade, and discourage very active play. When indoors, we will follow all advice on how to keep the rooms cooler and, if necessary, we will relocate children from the warmer to the cooler side of the school. Some parts tend to remain cool, even on the hottest days. Obviously, we will encourage lots of drinking of water and children can have their bottles with them throughout the day.

We recommend all children have a hat in school and have had suncream, at least SPF factor 15, applied. They can bring cream to top up with if necessary, but most products these days tend to be long-lasting. Please note that staff are not permitted to routinely apply suncream to children.