As you may have already seen or heard, there are weather warnings issued for our region for tomorrow, Thursday 9th March. At the time of writing (1:30pm Wednesday) these have reverted to be more about sleet than snow, which is a bit more promising than they were forecasting earlier.

If the weather is snowy, we will do all we can to be open as normal. We haven’t had a snow closure for well  over ten years and we’d like to keep that run going!

However, many of our staff have a long, potentially difficult commute into school, especially those who live North of Nottingham, where the weather tends to be worse.Their absence, if it happened, might lead to re-organisation of the day.

Another consideration if the weather is extreme is whether or not the kitchen staff make it in to prepare school dinners.

If there is settled snow and we manage to remain open as hoped, typically we would suggest children attending in non-school uniform,  bringing a change of clothes and preparing for some snowy fun on the field as we’ve done in the past!

We will make an announcement here on the website, the Facebook page and on the main twitter feed (@parkdalecarlton) as early tomorrow as we can. Look out for a text message with links between 7 and 7:30am.

BBC Weather for Nottingham

Met Office Forecast for Nottingham