We are managing to keep cool in school. The building is very pleasant inside and staff are doing lots to help children stay cool and have fun. We have children having foot-spas, ice pops and generally chilling out. We’ve shortened the lunch break and will get children inside as much as possible. Outdoors, we’re leaving the shelters from y6 Sports Day up and there’s plenty of shade to be found.

A number of parents/carers have informed us of their intention to take children home this afternoon. To keep this orderly, safe  and manageable, we have established a 1pm pick up slot. However, we remain open for all children who want or need to be here.

We are assuming that any children not present today or who go home at 1pm today will not be in tomorrow, when it is forecast to be even hotter, even earlier. Staff will plan activities accordingly and we need parents/carers to stick to the decision they made today as we have planned around this for our provision.

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly will be seriously impacted by the large number of absences. It cannot now be re-scheduled, so will go ahead for those present tomorrow morning regardless. It may have to be altered and scaled-down as so many children are off or going home that rehearsals and planning cannot happen in any meaningful way. Naturally, we also assume that any children not attending school due to the heat will not be attending the Leavers’ Festival when it is forecast to hit the peak temperature.Again, we will plan this accordingly.

Our staff will still be in the building until 5:30  and available to any parents/carers who have planned to drop in and see them  as part of Open Evening.