As it stands, the weather forecast for us here tomorrow is a little undecided. Both the Met Office and the BBC are forecasting sleet. Whether or nto we are likely to get any snow seems to change from hour to hour. On some forecasts, it misses us, on others it doesn’t.


Barring  a dramatic change, school will be open. If we’re open, children are expected in. If heavy, problematic snow comes and starts to settle in, we will consider offering an earlier pick-up. Please look out for texts/app messages throughout the day.

If snow arrives and it is earlier than forecast, we will focus on keeping just one entrance and access route clear. Please be aware that we might close the Cliff Road gate and focus on the main entrance.

In the past, snow has presented us with more fun than problems. We have often been able to get out on the field and enjoy it, making snowmen and having gentle, age-appropriate snowball fights. See photos above from last year! Please feel free to send your children equipped for such an eventuality. Wellies are welcome! School will be lovely and warm, so layers are the way forward. Whilst we’re not abandoning uniform, extra layers of woolies or hoodies will be perfectly fine to wear outdoors – these need not be ‘uniform’.