Quite a few people have asked to be updated if I hear any more from Emily in Ukraine. I (Mr H) received this today:

Thank you for being with us.
At the moment, there are fewer shots, but they still sound.
I live in Kharkiv.
Many parts of my city have been destroyed. Including Freedom Square (shown in the image, Mr H) , which is the second largest in Europe and the city hall building. A lot of houses were destroyed, as well as hospitals and schools.
More and more types of products began to appear in grocery stores, but the queues are still long. There are practically no essential medicines in pharmacies and it is almost impossible to get into them due to long queues.
For people who suffer from chronic diseases, medicines are not available.
A lot of people went to other cities where there are fewer shots, as well as to Poland, and from there to neighboring countries. The queue for gas stations for gasoline has 200-250 cars. But in spite of everything we hold on.