We have had two near misses with traffic outside school already this week. In the first, a member of staff (me, Mr Hillier, actually!) came very close to being hit in his vehicle whilst trying to leave past a car parked on the zigzag lines. Visibility to the  left of the gates was severaly impeded – virtually nil.

This morning, a child was almost hit as a member of staff turned into the car park. Again, a car on the zigzag lines prevented the child, who was running along the pavement, from seeing the staff car. The driver of the car could not see the child approaching on the pavement because of the car on the zigzags.

The markings exist to keep the sight lines to the crossing clear, to keep the pavements clear and to enable safe access to the car park.

Again, we urge drivers to heed the parking restrictions. There are single yellow lines prohibiting parking outside school at pick up and drop off times. We recognise that blue badge holders can park legally on these.

The zigzag lines mean no parking for anyone, including blue badge holders, at any time.