More on the planned industrial action (strike) by members of the NEU on Wednesday 1st March.

We anticipate that school will be closed to classes of teachers who are NEU members. The majority of our teachers are in this union, so would be expected to participate in the strike. Some, however, have expressed their intention to report for work regardless, in which case we would be able to remain open to their classes.

It is a difficult situation to manage as leadership cannot legally ask union members of their intentions or hold them to that. We have asked NEU members who do intend to work if it is acceptable for us to notify parents/carers in advance and we think that they will  kindly comply with this.

We will do our best to provide you with a clearer picture by next Friday, the 27th, although there are many variables and legal complexities to work around.

It is expected that on the day there will be pickets, where NEU members will explain their reasons for striking and will ask colleagues not to cross the picket line. This will be friendly and peaceful and mindful of the environment, busy as it will be with children.

As previously stated. what we can assure you of is that all of our staff will be doing what they think is ethically the right thing to do; whether that be to strike or not. We might not all agree, but will respect one another’s views and good intentions either way.