Spring Term

This term, our whole school A Green Clean World themed learning is called ‘Save The Bees’.

Year 6 will be learning all about the incredible world of bees and the important part they play in every aspect of the ecosystem.

Our key areas of learning within our ‘Save The Bees’ themed include:

  • Exploring how bees play a significant role in the pollination of many important crops
  • Discovering ways in which habitat loss and other harmful environmental factors contribute to the decline of bees
  • Using our knowledge of the contributing environmental factors to the decline of bees to suggest ways in which we can all protect biodiversity and make a positive contribution to help save the bees!
  • Expressing our core values linked to the environment and consequently taking an active role as a result of our learning in the form of an ‘action project’

We begin our Identity topic by reading ‘The Dark Wild’ by Piers Torday. The main themes in this book include the importance of ‘A Green Clean World‘: respecting wildlife and the environment.  It explores situations that show if we – as a society – are driven by greed, then the dystopia described in the book could become reality here on earth! We’re really looking forward to reading this together and discussing the scenarios. 


Spring Term Curriculum 2023 Topic Web and Letter