We are currently reviewing our enrichment offer – the activities we offer above and beyond the curriculum. We strongly believe that school is about more than the core subjects and test results. For us, school is also about developing happy children with positive values and a sense of fun and wonder. Proper childhoods, you might say!

For a number of years, we have offered a combination of the activities on the Transform Enrichment Diploma (TED) and our own ’50 Things…’

The Trust are currently reviewing TED and we are involved in the working party on that. As an interim step, we have had a good look at our own offer and have come up with a draft which we think combines the best of TED and our 50 thngs. It is personal and specific to our school, our location and the preferences and needs of our children.

For the remainder of this year, we will base our enrichment offer on this draft, developing it further as we go. This will be the core of our offer and is supplemented by the clubs and curriculum trips and workshops we offer too. Teachers will be encouraged to deliver each element in a thorough and fun way. Where the content is very simple, we would anticipate expansion and further depth – for example Early Years playing hopscotch, we would anticipate actually becoming them playing a variety of traditional childhood playground games.

The enrichment will be offered as part of our extended day – remember, we start early! – which has time built in for daily enrichment and wellbeing time, above and beyond the content of the formal curriculum. The wellbeing offer will continue alongside, with the regular diet of mindful activities still in place.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a change in the organisation of the day, so that the school day will start, 8:20 to 9am, with enrichment and wellbeing time. Staff have been given the ‘green light’ to start to implement this with immediate effect. We hope that this will give children a more relaxed, ‘softer’ start to the day, to set them up for more formal learning. We want this part of the day to become something children really want to be present for, something to look forward to when they get up!

TED 50 THings Mash-Up Draft