Phew! Another busy and fun packed week!
This week we have thought about the word “change” and explored how things have changed for 4 year olds since our parents’ time. We loved watching Spot the Dog, Playdays and Fraggle rock. We especially loved watching our Mummies and Daddies SUPER videos. We even had a great dance to Bon Jovi, Spice Girls, Oasis, Destiny’s Child and George Michael. In Maths, we have been busy comparing sizes and amounts.
Next week we will be playing and exploring as one of our role play areas has had a makeover and become a Doctor’s Surgery/Hospital. We will be finding out all about Autumn and investigating the meaning of the words BEFORE and FIRST. We will be doing some delicious Autumn food tasting and getting to grips with Patterns.
If you have chance this weekend please encourage your children to find out about life as a 4 year old during their grandparents time. They could chat to a grandparent or a great aunt/uncle/family friend.
Thank you as always for your support. The Reception team