Good Morning!
This week the children in Reception have been wonderful and are really showing that they are settling in to their learning, investigating, exploring and making choices about where and how they will play.

In phonics we have recapped the sounds that we have learned so far and in our English work we have focused on using these letters and sounds to find the FIRST sound in words. We used these skills to make a list of jobs that we could do in the garden. Parents, you will find a video on how to say the sounds and how we teach blending the sounds to read on our website on Monday. (The sounds that we have learned so far are s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d.)

Your “Active learn” letter, sent out this week, gives you access to Phonics Bug at home, including games linked to the sounds that we have learned.

In Maths we have been exploring numbers 1,2 and 3. We played games which enabled us to spot that three objects can be arranged all different ways but the total remains 3. Our first maths lessons are all about talking, observing patterns and numbers, and developing confidence to ask questions about the number of objects.

We have had an exciting change in the classroom; everyone has been very busy creating and constructing with the Mobilo. We have also produced some beautiful autumn paintings, observing and drawing the pumpkin.

Our gardening day was wonderful! Everyone planted a bulb or two, we learned about looking after our outdoor classroom AND we found lots of toys that will be out next week.

We also had a biscuit decorating afternoon and enjoyed watching some TV shows from the past as we come to the end of our project investigating how childhood has changed since our parents and grandparents were 4.

Next week… we will make our time capsules, thinking about what is Special to us and represents our identity as 4 year olds in 2021. We will be making autumnal silhouette art and using hand tools to decorate pumpkins and root veg with buttons, nails and pins.

On Friday we will have a day celebrating all of the books we have enjoyed together and pur favourite stories. Our Snuggle up and Read days are a favourite in Reception. Please send your child in their pj’s, (they can add something red for Wear it Red day) and please come and join us for a story! You are welcome to come in with your child, enjoy a story and then we will take you our through the main entrance and our day will start at 915.

Thank you