As happens from time to time, there is a definite increase in card trading activity of late. Many schools operate outright blanket bans but we think the cards have some merits and are a good way for the children to learn to negotiate and deal with one another. For some children they are an important social activity. However, sometimes problems arise and arguments and fall-outs happen. We will continue to try to support children with this. Where we begin to struggle is when the problems carry over into the classroom and affect children’s readiness to learn.

So… while this has been a tricky week on the card-front, we have no intention of banning them. We will leave it to each class teacher to decide, should problems arise. We will set some ground rules and give some advice on how to manage cards. The children will be warned that arguing and breaking the school rules over cards might lead to a permanent or short-term ban or ‘time-out’ for card trading in their class or year group or for individuals. Fingers crossed, it wont be necessary!