A polite, but heartfelt plea for considerate parking, please! 

We appreciate that the roads around school are very busy at drop-off and (particularly) pick-up times, but we urge everyone to park legally and considerately.

Twice already this week, we have had understandably angry local residents coming into school to complain forcefully about parking. Living near a school should not mean that they are un-necessarily inconvenienced by illegal parking across or on their properties. One of these was finding it impossible to access his own property with his own child who has a disability. Unfortunately, it tends to be us working here in school who bear the brunt of the anger, which is frankly something we could do without. More importantly there is the safety issue and also the reputational damage done to our school – your school.

Some staff had difficulty getting into their car park this morning due to cars illegally parked on the zig-zags and/or across the gate. Leaving the building at the end of the day is often perilous due to badly parked cars limiting visibility. Again, even more important is the impact on the crossing, where the patrol, children and parents/carers cannot see or be seen properly.

We have requested additional visits from the parking enforcement team and camera car and will also pass on the number plates of cars reported to us or seen directly by us. If there is not a legal parking place as near as they would like, drivers are urged to please park legally and considerately further away.