We had three ‘near misses’ this morning, in all of which illegal parking was a contributory factor. We are increasingly concerned for the safety of our/your children.

We have been in contact with both the Police and the council and enforcement patrols will be stepped up, inculding use of the camera car.

We have also been directed to take photographs ourselves of ilegally parked cars and to send them to the relevant authority for enforcement. We will start to do this from this evening.

If your car is illegally parked – on the single yellow lines or the zig-zags or across a dropped kerb – we will take a photograph and submit it. Please be assured that this will be nothing personal and we do not wish to cause problems for drivers, but we must firstly prioritise the safety of children. We hope no further aciton will be necessary and the situaiton can be resolved by drivers paying heed to the restrictions and parking considerately of children’s safety.