Newsletter 206

Dec 16, 2021 | Newsletters, Uncategorized


News and Views From The Head’s Office

Well, we’ve almost made it to the Christmas holiday. It’s time for a well-earned break for children and staff alike. On behalf of all the team, may I wish you season’s greetings and all best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

Christmas Celebrations

We have been delighted to have been able to enjoy a much more normal run-up to Christmas this year.

It was wonderful to be able to see so many families attending both performances of the KS1 Nativity. This had been sorely missed last year and being part of it in whatever way is an imoprtant part of growing up, whether you’re chosen to be Mary, an angel, 3rd shepherd or a donkey!

We were also pleased to be able to put on two runs of the KS2 Carol concert. We weren’t able to go to the church as is traditional, but this outside concert at least brought some Christmas spirit. Thanks to all who braved the chill!

There were also lovely nativities in Reception and Nursery, again such an important part of growing up and creating memories.

All year groups have had parties and many of us enjoyed a lovely full-on Christmas dinner too.

Finally, all children have had the chance to watch the stream we purchased of the Playhouse Panto. Next year, we hope to be back to real-life visits. Oh yes we do!

I’m sure we say it every year, but it is wonderful to see our community, regardless of faith, come together and share the special feeling of this time of year.

Merry Christmas!


House Points Competition

As you may know, the children at Parkdale are all in one of four houses: Clumber, Newstead, Rufford or Wollaton. They are awarded points throughout the year for good work, effort, acts of kindness, notable achievements etc and the house with the greatest number of points at the end of the year traditionally (Covid permitting!) enjoys a treat afternon out at the cinema.

We also calculate the winning house for each term – starting afresh each time – who are rewarded with a bonus ‘non uniform day’, something School Council tell us the children really like as a treat!

For this term, we have realised that the number of children in each house is not equal. So, to make the competiton fair, we have taken the total number of points won and divided that by the number fo children in that house. This gives us an average points per child, which seems a fairer measure.

Based on this, all the houses are literally within a fraction of a point each – all seventeen point something!

The winning house, by a hair’s breadth, is…


Children in Rufford, the blue house, therefore have a bonus non-uniform day this Friday, the 17th of December.



A reminder that the Spring Term starts on Tuesday the 4th of January. Monday the 3rd is a Bank Holiday.

Friday (17th December) is a toy day for all classes. Children are welcome to bring in something fun to play with and share! There is also the termly Golden TIme treat afternoon for each class to enjoy.

Christmas Covid Reporting

Obviously, we hope that it won;t be necessary for you, but if your child has a positive PCR test during the holiday, please could you email our address to let us know.

The information we will need is: child’s name and class, date symptoms started (or other reason for test), last date of isolation.

Please note that we are not the track and trace authority during the holiday, so cannot advise on testing, self-isolation etc. For that, you need to call 119.

Attendance and Punctuality Prize Draw

All being well, you will have received a copy of the letter earlier this week, outlining our concerns around punctuality. If not, the headlines were:

We do have a worry about the high numbers of children who are frequently late for school.

The school day starts officially at 8:45 – though the earlier arrival slot is encouraged. Children should be here ready to enter the building no later than when the 2nd bell goes at 8:40.

If you are finding it difficult to get your children to school on time, please let us know and we will try to support.

There will be a prize draw each week of the first half term. Only children who have been on time every day in any given week will be included. Prizes will be ‘substantial’, including the rather lovely scooter shown here, retail price just a shade under £100.

After a period of support and positive  encouragement, we would reluctantly have to consider a more punitive approach where children are repeatedly late.

We would like to thank the many of you whose children are regularly on time. It’s much appreciated!

Year Five Staffing

This week sees us bidding a fond farewell to 5 Oak teacher, Mrs Dunne. Julie has been with us for over six years and loves life at Parkdale, but the time has come for her to have a change of pace of life due to her health. She has been advised by her oncologist to consider a less stressful, slower paced way of life and part of that includes not being a teacher! We are sure you will join us in wishing Julie all the very best.

New recruit Miss (Pippa) Blatherwick, will become 5 Oak’s teacher from January 4th. A very warm welcome to her!

Next door, Miss (Imogen) Miller, who was on a temporary contract, has now been permanently appointed to the staff and will continue to teach 5 Maple.

Finally, for here, we welcome a new teaching assistant into Blossoms. So successful has our nursery been in terms of growing numbers, we need an extra person to keep the staff to child ratios within limits. We are delighted to be joined by Mrs (Claire) Hawsley.

Cyber Security

It’s important to know how to create a safe password online. Y3 have been learning all about this.They spent a morning learning the importance of strong passwords on our devices and the internet. The children then applied their knowledge to Interland’s Tower of Treasure.

If you’re not sure how to create strong security, the Government’s Natonal Cyber Security Centre is full of good advice:


Reception News

Reception have been learning about the Postal service thinking about how post is sent and delivered.

We have played in our own Post Office, making stamps and writing envelopes. a little trip to the post box.

Last week we made cards, wrote a message inside and this week we have visited the post box!

We’ve been to the post box!


More from Reception

We are hoping to go on a trip in the next half term to visit Gedling Country park and investigate animal homes. Please send us any pictures of the Reception children exploring the great outdoors for us to look at in the New Year, when we will learn about the Wonderful World around us.

Have a lovely holiday to all of the Parkdale family.

Hayley Rippon 

Reception (R Bay) Class Teacher, Communication and Language Lead.

Apple Teacher


Christmas Jumper Day - Thanks

Thank you somuch for your generous donations. We raised £206 for Save The Children.


Toy Day

Tomorrow (Friday 17th) is a toy day for all. Children are welcome to bring in a toy or game to enjoy and share. 

FoP Raffle and Thanks

Thank you to Frankie and the Friends of Parkdale for all their time and efforts this term to try to get some kind of normalcy back into fundraising and exciting activities for the children.  They started to reintroduce Discos and tried to organise the Christmas Fair which despite being cancelled in respect of the increase in Covid restrictions they still managed to organise a Christmas Raffle and Hot Chocolate sale and raised around £350.   Thank you so much for everything you do, we know that every penny you raise is funnelled back into the school for extras for the children… Thank you, thank you, thank you.

On this note if you were lucky enough to win a prize in the Raffle, please make sure you collect it from the office before close of school on Friday.

FOP are always looking for volunteers for events throughout the year and if you are interested in helping out for specific events or joining the team in a more regular capacity then please email Frankie or Emma on


Year 04

Year 4 Swimming Reminder

A reminder that Swimming starts back on Thursday 6th January for 4 Ash. 4 Poplar will start Swimming after February half term.


KS1 Nativity

A mention for how amazing KS1 were in entertaining the parents and staff at their nativity ‘Wriggly Nativity’. Their dancing and singing was full of energy and enthusiasm and all the KS1 staff were so proud of them! Great team effort from KS1!!!

Music Update

Our new Music specialist teacher, Miss D (Lilla’s name is Di Miceli but chooses to be called Miss D by pupils) is going to be providing our Y5 and Y6 Music lessons and KS1/KS2 singing lessons from Spring onwards. Miss D has been working alongside Mrs Bruce to provide music theatre sessions which our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed. Miss D has talked so positively about working with our pupils so we’re pleased to fully welcome her aboard! She’s commented on our musical potential!

We’re aiming to develop the musical potential of our pupils further with continuation of choir on Thursdays and small group instrument lessons leading to performance events, including a Parkdale’s Got Musical Talent! We’ll be in touch as soon as we are ready to offer additional instrument lessons, which are likely to be in Brass.

During the Spring term, Y5 and Y6 pupils will be learning how to play the ukulele whilst also covering knowledge and skills of a range of music genres and history of musicians. As Miss D is also a Brass Teacher we are very keen to maximise this skillset! In the Summer Term, we are planning for Y5 & Y6 to start to learn how to play pocket trumpets. We feel it will be beneficial for our pupils to have exposure to both strings and brass instruments in Upper Key Stage 2. This is a new change so we’ll review this regularly and keep you updated too!


Congratulations to Shyaiq

Congratulations to Shyaiq in Y4 who is the first in the school to achieve the reading challenge gold award.