Newsletter 203

Oct 22, 2021 | Newsletters


News & Views from the Head’s Office
We have made it to the first half-term break. It has been a busy start to the year and lovely to be so much ‘back to normal’. Thanks to you and your children for helping us to make it such a smooth transition.

The next thing to look forward to will be a much more normal and traditional run in to Christmas. Of course, an ‘outbreak’ could scupper that, so we’ll all need to keep being as cautious as we can. Fingers crossed that we remain relatively untouched by Covid and things continue to go well.

Wishing you a pleasant and enjoyable week. It’s off to North Wales for some extreme mountain biking for me. Hopefully I’ll get back with no bits of me (or the bike) broken.

Managing Covid Symptoms

As case numbers seem to be spiking, just a reminder that everyone still needs to be alert to Covid symptoms. If you or anyone in your household shows symptoms, you need to arrange a PCR test and self-isolate until the result of that is known. As well as the classic symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of sense of smell or taste), many of these others are now associated with Covid: sore throat, runny nose, upset stomach, extreme fatigue or muscular aches. If in doubt, please call 119.

This is the current situation  nationally. Some parents/carers have been getting very angry with our office staff for pointing this out. Please remember that they do not make national policy and are only passing on information as they are supposed to. We do still need to be cautious in school as an outbreak would bring us back to closures and operating in bubbles, which nobody wants.

Behaviour Management

We are very lucky to enjoy such wonderfully behaved children at Parkdale. It’s not perfect, but it is second to none. Occasionally, things don’t go as well as we expect and sanctions are used. There seems to have been some concern and confusion about detentions of late.

A detention here is rare: fewer than a dozen so far this year. More common is some timeout; maybe 5 minutes of playtime missed to have a chat with an adult about what needs to change and why.

A detention only happens after a serious incident, usually an act of aggression, or an accumulation of time outs with no improvement.

Even a detention here is a chance to make things better. It involves time with a senior leader, discussing expectations and offering supoprt to the child tomanage their behaviour. Not for us sitting silently in a hall with your nose against a wall, as is the case in many schools! Or getting shouted at. We don’t do that either.

We have a mantra that “behavioural mistakes are learning pportunities”. Everything we do reflects this.

Email Links

In response to some helpful feedback from users, we have now added buttons to each year group page to directly email teaching staff. We hope you will find this more conventient than trawling through old Newsletters for them!




We are back on Monday the 1st of November.


A brief reminder here about Winter uniform after half-term. See also article below.

Anti-Racism Charter

Today, Friday 22nd October, sees the official launch of our new Anti-Racism Charter. This is an addition to our existing Equality Policy, which covers all forms of discrimination.

The Charter arises out of concerns that the long battle against racism has taken some backwards steps in recent times. One only has to consider the backlash against Black England footballers or stumble across some of the extreme racist views expressed on social media for examples of this.

At Parkdale, we respect all groups and all protected characteristics. Our children are taught about discrimination and the different forms it can take. The Anti-Racist Charter exists to underline our commitment to that particular form of discrimination as part of the wider battle against all forms.

We would like to thank those parents and stakeholders who contributed to the consultation and first drafts of this, which remains a ‘work in progress’.

Anti-Racist Charter Draft 1.5

Winter Uniform

A reminder here that Winter uniform rules apply after half-term for all bar Nursery and Reception.

Shirt and tie replaces the polo shirt for all until Easter now.

Of course, PE day uniform remains unchanged.

Our recent ‘market-research’ on this received 36 replies. Of these, 22 favoured keeping things as they are. 8 expressed a prefence to do away with the ties completely. 6 preferred the idea of making ties compulsory for the whole year.

The message, mixed as it is, generally does seem to support keeping the status quo, which is what we’ll do. As with all this type of research, we have to assume that those who do not respond just don’t really have a strong opinion either way (which is fine!) and are happy to keep things as they are.

Thanks to all who responded to this.

New Football kit Sponsors

We would like to thank the lovely people at Amptron Electrical Services, who have kindly offered to purchase our football teams some new kit. This is now on order and should arrive in the next few weeks and our teams can start using it after our Winter break.

We would also like to thank our existing sponsors NZB Property Services for their generous support over the years. Their kit will also continue to be used alongside the new one.



Blossoms would appreciate any spare socks and pants you may have lying around. They would also love to see any Autumnal items brought into school – crunchy leaves, conkers, whatever…

YEAR 3 Messages

Year 3 have partcularly enjoyed working on their ipads this week. They also ask that you remember to pay for the Egyptian and Roman workshops coming up after half-term, please.

Year 6 Messages

Year 6 really enjoyed their ‘Reading Cafe’ this week. They all chilled out with a drink and a biscuit to explore the big collection of new books that arrived for them. More of this on their page and their Twitter feed.

Lime Trees Breakfast and After School Club

We are delighted to announce that Lime Trees will be resuming their Breakfast Club on our site from Monday 1st November. In fact, it gets better still as they are introducing a brand new after-school provision too! We’re really pleased to have them back…

Full details here: Limetrees Update

School Gates

Our apologies – we’d been experimenting with different openig times for the gates, thinking the early opening was a security risk with regard to theft. We’ve realised this results in some of you having to queue outside and that probably doesn’t feel very nice. 

On balance, the security risk is negligible once the office is open, so we will resume opening the pedestrian gate from 8am. We hope this will feel a bit more welcoming.



Reception would love to see any photos of children out and about in the community via Tapestry. eg visits to the Library, dentist, doctor, park, shops, whatever…

Year 04

Year 4

Year 4 loved their trip to Sherwood Forest and there is (or will be soon) a report on their own page here.

Poetry Week

We are having a whole-school focus on poetry in the first week back after half-term.

More From Year 6

A reminder that Year 6 will be visiting Nottingham Galleries of Justice on Monday 22nd November.   We would also like to mention how proud we are of the children – they have worked hard, produced some fabulous learning outcomes and shown lots of enthusiasm over the course of this first half term.   Well done, Year 6!

Year 2 Messages

As well as wishing you all a happy half term, Year 2 would like to ask for more parent helpers to hear readers in school. They also mention that children will be bringing home a reading book to share with you over the holiday.

Year 05

Year 5 Messages

Year 5 have particularly enjoyed being arty this week. They have explored the ‘Migration’ series of paintings by Jacob Lawrence and have had a go at their ow versions.

Black History Month

Leader on this, Mrs Garrett, was very happy with the great work the children did on this. She also really enjoyed leading the special  celebration assembly, after such a long time without having done one!

Football Focus

Our ‘a’ team played a Gedling PSFA League home match v Netherfield yesterday, Thurs 21st Oct. We took an early lead through a clever chip from Alex and dominated for large parts of the match. We couldn’t find a way past an inspired goalkeeper and some fantastic last-ditch defending by the visitors and it remained 1-0 right until the last 5 minutes. Then, Alex scored again, with an audacious curling shot from about 25 metres to make it 2-0.

That’s how it finished, a great match and well done to both teams.

Squad: Theo, Aidan, Alex, Danayah, Max, Ruben, Oliver, Charlie, Lavell, Jack, Alfie, Edward