Our new Music specialist teacher, Miss D (Lilla’s name is Di Miceli but chooses to be called Miss D by pupils) is going to be providing our Y5 and Y6 Music lessons and KS1/KS2 singing lessons from Spring onwards. Miss D has been working alongside Mrs Bruce to provide music theatre sessions which our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed. Miss D has talked so positively about working with our pupils so we’re pleased to fully welcome her aboard! She’s commented on our musical potential! 🙂 We’re aiming to develop the musical potential of our pupils further with continuation of choir on Thursdays and small group instrument lessons leading to performance events, including a Parkdale’s Got Musical Talent! We’ll be in touch as soon as we are ready to offer additional instrument lessons.

During the Spring term, Y5 and Y6 pupils will be learning how to play the ukulele whilst also covering knowledge and skills of a range of music genres and history of musicians. As Miss D is also a Brass Teacher we are very keen to maximise this skillset! In the Summer Term, we are planning for Y5 & Y6 to start to learn how to play pocket trumpets. We feel it will be beneficial for our pupils to have exposure to both strings and brass instruments in Upper Key Stage 2. This is a new change so we’ll review this regularly and keep you updated too!