From Mr H.

Those of you who usually spot me on the playground of a morning might have noticed a lack of Headteacher recently. Unfortunately, I came down rather badly with Covid on Thursday evening and have been laid-up since. It’s hit me quite viciously, possibly the most ill I’ve ever felt!

I’m on the mend now – sniffly and full of what feels like a bad cold, but the cough and fever are easing slowly. I’m hoping to be back in school at least for as many hours a day as I can stay upright and awake, as soon as I stop testing positive. Legally, I could come in regardless, but that feels a bit irresponsible given that I know 100% that I have it with repeated testing. I’ll keep testing daily and be in as soon as I’m clear.

My apologies to anyone who might be waiting for me with any school business, although I am confident in our Leadership Team to manage anything that arises. Meanwhile, I will do what work I can there is plenty of it!) from home and my colleagues can always contact me if they need ‘steering’ on any matter. In my absence, Mr Pattison and Mrs Burge deputise and they, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker are all fully trained Designated Safeguarding Leads. Hoping to see everyone soon…