Some nice feedback from a provider on the Year 5 Residential here. This is your school, your children and it would be the same whatever year group. Great to see the core values of our curriculum being ‘lived’.

I found your school an inspiration.

In two principal ways.. one, the pupils, two, your teachers and their brief descriptions of humanitarian themes on your curriculum.
One..the pupils – they had manners. They cooperated with and helped each other. They were friendly to me and their teachers. They tried all tasks even those that were very emotionally and intellectually challenging and frightening such as rock climbing and abseiling – two activities that immediately arouse fear responses that are necessary but  tend to block rational thought processes in all of us .
Watching them support one another through those two trials in particular in an unusually empathic way was heartwarming    to see. Those for whom the task was far too much were not treated cruelly – quite the opposite.

Watching them walk back to the Hostel after the long days activities  always made me smile and feel good…boy,girl,ethnically and racially and culturally diverse interacting spontaneously just the way envisioned by the great Martin Luther King as you know who spoke of his dream that  only the content of  character is important.  The world is cruelly divided and deliberately so. There are no racist children however and your school and others like it are quiet possibly our only hope.

I have lost trust in our Political Institutions and in career politicians .We don’t hear enough of the good news. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear and experience some .

Kind regards, Peter Thorpe.

Freelance Instructor for Acclimbatize.