We are now able to share the headlines of our end of Key Stage Two national tests, commonly known as SATs. These are the first national tests since the pandemic and nationally show a significant drop in outcomes across the board.

The key figure is the percentage of children achieving the expected standard in all of Reading, Writing and Maths:

Parkdale 70%, National Average 59% (down from 65% pre-Covid)

The national average has fallen significantly from pre-Covid years. We remain above the pre-Covid average and our numbers are broadly in-line with what we would have always projected for this cohort of children, given their starting points.


Parkdale 82%, National Average 74% (up one percent on pre-Covid)


Parkdale 77%, National Average 69% (down from pre-Covid 78%)


Parkdale 75%, National Average 71% (down from pre-Covid 79%)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

Parkdale 80%, National Average 72% (down from pre-Covid 78%)

We are pleased with these results, which reflect the brilliant effort by children, their families and the school team. That our results have held up so well after two years of disruption to learning is testament to a great community effort. Remember, the education of these children has been seriously impacted for two of their four years in Key Stage Two. We tried to do our best to provide quality home-learning from day-one throughout the pandemic and families and children did their bit and engaged with it. Thank you.

We also have a high proportion of children working at the higher level, known as Greater Depth. We don’t currently have national averages for this, but we would anticipate that our figures are well above on all measures.

Subject Expected+ Greater Depth
GPS 80% 25%
Reading 82% 35%
Writing 77% 18%
Maths 75% 28%
Combined 70% 13%