It has been brought to our attention that the forthcoming INSET Day on Friday 7th October does not appear on the downloadable school calendar.

Although the INSET Day was annnounced in a bulletin earlier this year, and appeared in the Diary on the home page of the website in the Summer Term, we can appreciate that its omission from the calendar is an oversight and will cause some inconvenience to some families. For this we can only apologise.

We do set our INSET Days as far in advance as we can. We aim to set them for the coming year in the preceding Summer Term, which is what happened this year. Sometimes needs arise for us to delay setting dates quite this far in advance, but we then try to give at least one term’s notice.

Again, we can only apologise for the mixed messages about Friday 7th October. We have put new systems in place from today to ensure that all calendars and diaries on the website are kept better ‘in synch’.

Attached below is an updated and correctecd copy of the downloadable calendar, with all INSET Days for 2022-23 shown.

2022-23 School holidays (003)