We have sent home a letter to parents of pupils in Key Stage Two, reminding of the expectation that any homework set by teachers is completed. Although fewer than 10% respondents in our most recent parental survey responded negatively about homework, we appreciate that not everyone feels the same. In our 2022 pupil survey, only 8 children (2.5%) in the entire school responded negatively about homework and the amount set.

We feel that a small, gradually increasing, amount of homework is appropriate throughout primary school and that this makes a positive contribution to the outcomes our children achieve and to embedding positive values around learning. As such, we do expect homework to be completed when set by teachers. We recognise that not all schools set homework but also that some set more than we do.

In our recent inspection, we were asked by Ofsted how we follow-up when homework is not completed and we directed them to our policy which outlines that children can be directed to complete it in non-lesson time during the school day. They were happy with this, although we did point out that we haven’t really implemented it since Covid lockdown, mostly as there has been no need. They pointed us to the views of the DfE, that there should be a consequence for non-completion of homework, as outlined on the reverse of the letter sent out this week.

Whilst we never want to deny children any of their break time, we reserve the right to keep them in to complete homework or, if it is felt they have not applied themselves in a lesson, to complete work expected from that.

Our children get: a full hour for dinner; a morning break; afternoon break, which has only been re-introduced for KS2 this year; a minimum of 15 minutes time daily for wellbeing and mindfulness activities; Friday Golden Times; time out of lessons to complete TED and 50 Things enrichment activities; more than the statutory time for PE and exercise. Balanced against this, we feel that the occasional small amount of time to catch up on work is not unreasonable or damaging.

A copy of the letter sent (to KS2) this week and a copy of our Homework Policy are below. Governors are due to review the policy in the Autumn term and any suggestions for changes should be addressed to the Chair via the contact button here: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/governors/

homeweork letter 18.04.23

Homework Policy