Our school Eco Committee and the Transform Children’s Parliament have independently of one another identifed food waste as an area that concerns them.

The children feel that the amount of food wasted daily is not ethical. We have calculated this week, that we throw away 20 to 30 bin bags full of food waste each week. We do try to compost what we can, but that does not mitigate the environmental cost of the food production, transport, processing etc. Neither, of course, does it mitigate the cost of the food to families.

We see lots of school dinner thrown away and also a lot of waste from packed lunches – whole sandwiches, intact yoghurts, whole pieces of fruit etc.

We will be talking more to the children about the need to be economical and sustainable with our food and hope that families will support us by having conversations at home as to how they can help.

There’s a really interesting (and shocking)  infographic here: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/food-waste/