The Department for Education have stated (Friday) that it is not necessary for schools to close on Monday or Tuesday due to the forecast extreme heat.

Our view is that the children will be no more affected by the heat in school than they would be at home and that measures such as limiting time spent outdoors later in the day, encouraging lots of drinking, relaxing uniform rules (completely) and making adjustments to the classroom environment should be sufficient. It may not be super-comfortable, but neither will anywhere else be!

That said, we appreciate that some parents and carers will be anxious and we do not want to add to that. We want to let you parent and make your own decisions about your child’s well-being in this case, Whilst we strongly feel that attendance in school is the best choice, we will understand if families decide differently.

If you decide not to send your child into school, we need you to let us know as early as possible, either by phone or (preferably) email to the absence address: