Ah, “Cricket Lovely Cricket”, to quote the fantastic Jah Thomas tune (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OcTf9o66BE).

We’re going cricket crazy after Easter as the national Summer sport becomes our PE focus right from Early years through to Year 6. We’re going to be building up those skills and enjoying the sport in a variety of formats. Staff enjoyed a training event this week on how to teach the fundamentals and how to break those skills down into manageable chunks for children of any age.

We’ll continue to enjoy tennis and table tennis alongside cricket too, as we carry on our stated aim of becoming masters of a more focussed number of sports, rather than dabbling in lots.

Hoefully, we’ll also bring through more super-talented players like this bunch below from last year, who helped us become one of very few state schools in the county to play proper hard-ball competitive matches.