We seem to be back to needing to make regular Covid updates! As previously, we will do all we can to keep you as well informed as possible.

Friday’s Christmas Fair cannot happen as planned. It seemed an unreasonable risk to bring together so many people in the Hall, drawing from the wider community with visotors uinconnected to school, stall-holders etc.

Instead, we have had to restrict the event of a small number of tables outdoors (weather permitting), selling raffle tickets and a few craft items.

The raffle is still going ahead and your donations of items in the house colours wouould still be greatly appreciated. All funds raised go straight back into the school to benefit the children.

For now, the guidance from the DfE is to aim to put on the traditional Nativities. The thinking here is that there are an important part of growing up and family life and should continue of at all possible. For now, at least, the nativities remain on. The only change so far being that face coverings will be requird of all attending.

Current ‘live’ Covid cases in school remain very few. We have had positive test results linked to Reception and Year Two. Please be super-vigilant and cautious if your child is in either of these year groups and shows any symptoms – current symptoms associated with positive tests seem to be cold-like and often include a head-ache – please call 119, describe the symptoms and state that your child is in a cohort at school where there are currently positive cases. They will decide if your child is likely to be a close contact or will contact us here to ask us for more details. For now, we are not the track and trace authority. If asked to take a pcr test, the good news is that results still seem to be coming back very quickly.