Across the Transform Trust, the week beginning the 12th of June is the annual Community Action Week. All schools are encouraged to give something back to their ciommunities.

This year, we really intend to go for this in a big way. Watch out for plans to support our local foobank, Hope Nottingham. We are aiming to run collections in school and out and about in the community, to fund-raise and to also run a multi-media campaign on behalf of Hope Nottingham, which we are hopeful will involve a(nother) Parkdale take-over of BBC Radio Nottingham!

Planning is at an early stage, but our activities will involve the whole-school community; from Nursery to Y6, staff and families. The package is initially being put together by Mrs Hinton and our Transform Parliamentarians, Juwariyya and Hawwa. They will then recruit School Council onto the taskforce.

Keep looking out for more details as they emerge…