A change to our traditional Christmas carolling…

Previously, we have held carol concerts by our Key Stage Two children, either in St John’s Church or in the school Hall. These have been organised with a few performances, both in the school day and in the evening. However, recently we’ve been finding that increasing numbers of parents/carers have been choosing not to send their children to perform once they’ve been seen by their own family members. This has caused real problems for staff and the remaining children!

So… we’re doing it differently this year. There will be one performance, 6pm on Thursday the 14th of December. It will be outdoors, so no real limit on the audence size – no kerfuffle with tickets or limiting families to one or two people. We’re aiming to conclude no later than 7pm.

We will try to put on hot drinks and mince pies, put up Christmassy lighting and generally have a lovely festive community event. Key Stage Two will sing some carols, and Key Stage One and Early Years will be invited to come along to sing the songs from their respective nativities too. We’ll be encouraging adults to join in too!

We will be collecting donations for UNICEF to support their work with children caught up in the confilct in Gaza.

What we will ask, nearer the time, is that you let us know whether or not your child will be participating. That way, we can plan groups, speaking parts, solos etc without risk of being ‘let down’.

For now you need to do nothing, other than make a note in your diary!