Over recent years, there have been many changes to the provision we offer at Parkdale. Much of this was brought about by the Covid pandemic, but some also due to the changing nature of our community and school population. Add to that, a massive shift in technology and digital and our aim to be right at the cutting edge of that and other developments in teaching and learning.

This has all had a massive impact on two roles in school: The SENCO (Special Needs Co-Ordinator) and the IT or Digital Lead. Both of these roles have expanded massively!

With this in mind, we have been negotiting with our Trust HR and also the Trades Unions to ‘upgrade’ these roles. This is all now agreed and implemented, so…

We are delighted to announce that our SENCO, Alex Taylor and our Digital Lead, Jenny Hinton, have new job titles, Leaders of Teaching and Learning. These roles involve being part of the Senior Leadership Team and represent a real progression in the careers of these two members of staff. Congratulations to them.

They remain responsible for their original areas (Special Needs and Digital Education), but with a much wider remit around development of outstanding teaching and learning, to include the environment, staff training, research, quality assurance and more besides.