As well as the more visible works to upgrade the playground, which we hope to be finished by Friday the 8th September, there has been a lot fo work going on ‘behind the scenes’. We’re continually trying to improve our offer to families and children…

Year One: Staff have been in working hard to prepare for a more play-based experience in Year One. They have been designing and creating a lovely outdoor play area for the children, which can be accessed directly from both classrooms. As a result, Year One can now adopt a more ‘Early Years-Like’ approach with more continuous provision. We think this will make for better transition from Reception and a more developmentally appropriate way for children to learn, better for their development and wellbeing.

The Hive/Orchard: Our two areas of enhanced-provision for children with special needs that require them to spend significant amounts of time out of the classroom have been combined into one space, The Hive, with building work completed to split this and create small spaces for the children to be comfortable in. This new space (in what was once a Y1 classroom and more latterly the Library) is being resourced with lots of specialist equoipment and resources, particularly around sensory needs.

Library: The Library has moved into a newly partitioned and reconfigured part of the building – the bit formerly known as the New Dining Room, then the Orchard, best described as the sticky-out bit where Lime Trees are, on the right as you come through the gate past Mr Chell. The aim here is to make the Library a space that is easily accessible from the playground, so that families can use it as an actual Library – pop in, chill, choose books, take them home (and bring them back!).

Thanks go out to the staff, who have been voluntarily in and out throughout the six week break, working on these developments.