It has been brought to our attention that the calendar for our school year 2021-22 does not take into account the extra day to be awarded for the Jubilee.

This extra day of closure is to compensate sfaff and pupils for the fact that the additional ‘one-off’ Jubilee Bank Holiday falls in an existing school holiday and is therefore not an ‘extra’ for them.

We had set our calendar in-line with Carlton le Willows, but had not noticed that they subsequently took an extra day’s holiday leading up to Christmas, whereas we did not.

Following consultation with Union reps, Governors and Transform Trust, it has been decided that the best solution here is to fall into line with other Nottinghamshire Local Authority schools and end the Summer Term a day early.

Therefore, the final day of the Summer Term 2021-22 will now be Thursday July the 21st.

 We are also aware that we had been ‘holding back’ an INSET Day for a Transform Trust event which is no longer happening in the Summer Term, instead re-scheduled for the Autumn,

We will now reinstate this INSET Day to that originally agreed to be the day before half-term, Friday the 27th May.

 Our sincere apologies for the miscalculation, the change to the INSET plans and any inconvenience these may cause.