Welcome to the weekly bulletin and round-up

We’re a day early with this again, as we’d be struggling to get anything out tomorrow with other commitments and meetings.

Firstly, a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 25th) is a non-uniform day in exchange for a contribution to a raffle hamper: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/fop-non-uniform-day-for-hamper-donations/

We have had some problems with parking and a couple of near-misses: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/two-near-misses-and-another-plea-about-parking/

Unfortunately, we have had to withdraw from the girls’ Nottinghamshire Football Finals, due to lack of player availability: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/football-cancellation/

Next, we send our best wishes and “good luck” to Mrs Hinton, who travels to London for the final of the National Teacher of the Year Awards on Saturday. She is a finalist for all her amazing work on digital education, as well as for just being a super teacher!

News here of a very generous donation to our Eco-Committee: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/a-generous-donation/

The arrangements for the KS2 Panto trip were shared here. Oh, yes they were! : https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/ks2-pantomime-arrangements/

Year 4 have been asking to borrow some Monopoly sets if you have one: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/y4-request/

We have received our draft OfSTED report, so publication should be due in the next couple of weeks. It’s very brief  – about a side and a half of A4 – and says very little about the school really, so we’ll send it with our own more detailed analysis of how it went, “warts an’ all!”

We are a bit decimated by illness in the Office today and probably will be tomorrow too. If you can bear with us, we’ll try to have normal levels of service up and running asap. Thanks to Jenny Scott, who is doing extended days and an amazing job of covering all three roles in there for now.

Year Six enjoyed a trip out to the Galleries of Justice this week. More to follow in a report from them, no doubt, but for now we’d like to mention that the staff there commented on our children’s amazing behaviour and manners – the best they’ve experienced. Apparently, Year Six  also made a super impression on the travelling public as 50+ of them got on the number 43 bus. Lots of nice comments there too. How lovely!

Finally, plenty of Christmassy events coming up, so keep an eye on the calendar on the home page: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/