Welcome to this week’s bulletin…

… a day early as the main writers (Mr Hillier and Mrs Hinton) are out all day at a meeting in London tomorrow. We’re off to the Apple HQ in the old Battersea Power Station to discuss the ipad strategy and how we take it forward. All of the Transform Heads and DIgital leads are going.

It’s a short bulletin too – not too much to report on this week.

Having mentioned Apple, we have just placed the order for ipads for all of Year 2, extending our 1-1 digital offer into yet another year group. Having seen the amazing impact the devices have on outcomes and children’s engagement and enjoyment of learning, we are delighted to be able to do this. Of course, our children from Early Years to Y2 already have lots of access to digital technology, but this will take it to the next level in Y2.

After Y6 did their SATs last week, it has been Y2′s turn. Their tests are delivered in a very different way, in small groups with plenty of support. The children have lots of experience of tests and seem totally un-fased by the SATs. They are well prepared and put under no stress at all. Everyone looks very chilled and relaxed!

There was lots of talk in the media about the Y6 Reading paper and the stress and anxiety it caused children. Social media is awash with posts that children across the country were reduced to tears. Not here, they weren’t! We’ve asked our Y6 children and they say they felt no stress at all over it. They say it was hard (the Reading paper was, brutally so), but they know they just needed to do what they could. In fact, many are telling us how much they enjoyed the week with the special breakfast club, lots of chilling time and socialising. Many also seemed to enjoy the challenge of the tests themselves.

We have a small number of places available to join us in Reception in September. We are usually way over-subscribed and still have long waiting lists in all other years, so this is a rare opportunity for more children to join us.Feel free to share this. Being full is good for our finances! https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/reception-places-available/

We are startig to prepare for a very full-on Community Action Week in June. A teaser here: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/reception-places-available/

We have decided to remove our Ofsted grade from our letterhead and other communications. The thinking behind this is explained here: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/change-to-our-letterhead/

Clarification about the rules on smokling on the school grounds here. We recognise that we’ve not always been clear, especially over vaping. We hope this helps : https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/a-smoke-free-school/

A reminder that tomorrow (Friday 19th) is Class photo day. If your child’s class usually has PE on a Friday, please send them in school uiniform (ie not their PE kit). They will do something in PE time that does not require them to change, so there is no need to send kit in with them.

Stop Press! Late news…

We have just received notifcation that our bid to become an Apple Distinguished School has proceded to the 2nd stage. This is an achievement in itself; Apple only invites schools which meet very stringent criteria and levels of expertise and achievement to even apply  Рgetting to stage one was challenging! Рand just to get to this 2nd stage is testament to the work we have done on digital learning over the last three years.