Welcome to the First Update of the New School Year


The children have made a wonderful start to the new year and are very settled in their new classes. The teachers are, without exception, delighted!

Here we go:

A reminder that Monday 19th September is now a National Bank Holiday on the occasion of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. We re-open on Tuesday the 20th: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/funeral-of-queen-elizabeth-ii/

There have been open meetings for parents and carers at which the school staff team shared important information, took questions and generally enjoyed seeing lots of people in school for the first time since Covid hit. A summary of the content is available here: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/staff-parent-carer-open-meetings-a-summary/

All four Y3 and Y4 classes have already been on an overnight adventure camp at Colwick Park. Reports already either on or shortly to go on the Y3 and Y4 pages.

Year 2 have announced an early change to their previously published PE days: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/year-2-pe-days/

Similarly, Y3 have had some PE day changes: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/change-to-y3-pe-days/

In response to some helpful parental feedback, we have changed our policy on communication during trips and visits: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/residential-communication/

Plans are already underway for Year 6’s 2023 adventure residential: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/y6-residential-2023/

Our new MUGA sports surface is proving very popular with the children and is already having a very positive impact on the quality of PE lessons: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/opening-of-our-muga-pitch/

We are now able to provide you with access to the National Online Safety resources, to help keep your children safe and secure online: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/parents-carers-hub-national-online-safety/

There is a sale of delicious apples, grown in our very own orchard, today, Friday  16th September: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/the-great-parkdale-annual-apple-sale/