Greetings one and all – here are your reminders for next week…

Term Dates

The last day of school is next Friday, the 17th

We return on Tuesday the 4th January (Monday 3rd is a Bank Holiday)

Christmas Parties

Monday Y1 and Y2

Tuesday Y5 and Y6

Wednesday Y5 and Y6

Thursday Reception

There is no need to send in party food. We will provide children with a snack. We used to find that so much food went to waste, with the children having already had a dinner. Hopefully, this is also one less thing for you to have to stress about!

Children come into school in their party clothes on their party day.

Re-Scheduled KS2 Carol Singing

Having seen how the weather turned out, it feels like we did the right thing in postponing the scheduled 6pm singing yesterday. Well done to the Met Office for getting this right!

KS2 will now sing their carols again on Tuesday (14th) at 3:45pm. All are welcome. Parents/carers of KS1 are equally welcome to hang back at home-time and enjoy this.We think those who attended at 2:30 yesterday would recommend it – it was lovely!

Parking on Cliff Road

We have had a few concerns about inconsiderate parking raised by our neighbours. As ever, we do urge you to park not only legally (ie not across a dropped kerb) but also thoughtfully. We value our positive reputation in the community and really do want to minimise any negative impact on people who live nearby.

Mrs Dunne

As families of children in years Five and Six already know, next Thursday will be 5 Oak teacher Mrs Dunne’s last day with us. After a long and brilliant career, the last six years of which have been with us, Julie is leaving the teaching profession on medical advice. We are sure you will join us in wishing her a healthy future.

We will be joined in January by a new member of staff, Miss Blatherwick, who will teach 5 Oak for the remainder of the school year.

Road Safety

We have witnessed a number of scary ‘near misses’ recently with children getting out of cars that have pulled up and running out into the road. Lollipop Man Dave was quite shaken by one particular incident today. If you have driven your child to school, please park (legally and consderately) and deposit them safely to the pavement. If you cannot stop to cross with them, please make sure they know to go to the crossing, where Dave can help them cross safely.

From Lime Trees

Dear Parents/Carers

If you wish to book a place at breakfast/afterschool club, please click on the following link and register your account:

  1. Permanent breakfast club contract –
  2. Permanent afterschool club contract–
  3. Ad-hoc breakfast club–
  4. Ad-hoc afterschool club–

Breakfast club is £5.95 per day, afterschool club is £8.25 per day

We offer two booking options, either a contract or ad-hoc places. Please read through our terms and conditions carefully.

Kind Regards


Account Manager,The Lime Trees – Head Office