Welcome to this week’s Bulletin…

… which is mostly some dates and reminders, plus an apology from us!

Firstly though, an update on industrial action: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/industrial-action-update-2/

Dates and Reminders

Week Beginning 12th June: Y1 start their Phonics Screening Checks. Nothing changes in the school day though and nothing extra for families to do. It is what it is! We’ll keep it stress free.

Tues 13th June: Reception Wollaton Park Trip

Fri 16th June: Y2 Trip to the Tennis Centre, plus this from Mrs Chalmers and Friends of Parkdale…

There is a non-uniform day for all, R to Y6, in lieu of donations for the summer fair: https://parkdale-primary.co.uk/non-uniform-day-for-summer-fair-donations-2/

Thurs 22nd June: Year 1 Trip to Sherwood Forest

Fri 23rd June: Reception’s Cycling Day

Fri 30th June – Summer Fair, 5-7pm

Mon 3rd July: An Eid Party – more to follow on this.

Mon 17th July: Trip to Broadway Cinema for the year’s winning house.

Sports Days – all 9:30 to 11am (approx)

Tues 4th Early Years (Reception & Nursery)

Weds 5th Y3 and4

Fri 7th; Y1 and 2

Tues 11th: Y5 and 6

INSET Day – an apology. An administrative error/oversight left an outdated school calendar on one part of the website. This did not show last Monday’s INSET Day. Our sincere apologies to those families who had been using this particular version of the calendar for reference and our thanks for their understanding when pointing it out to us. That particular page is now ‘in synch’ with all the others. All published calendars for next year (2023-24)  have all the INSETs marked on them and all are correct.