Welcome to this week’s bulletin – a day early due to tomorrow’s INSET Day…

Another busy week in school and lots of news to round up here. We are particularly delighted about the Apple Distinguished news. Getting this recognition has been a long, exciting and challenging journey. Apple don’t just give it away to schools which buy their products. We’ve been asked to demonstrate real cutting-edge, innovative uses of technology and prove real impact on how children access and engage with learning, their outcomes in school and on the wider world. Over the years, staff have willingly completed huge amounts of additional training and professonal development, and have boldly tried new approaches, transforming the way they teach. Children have been incredibly receptive to new ideas and have applied themselves to making the most of the technology, using it enthusiastically, thoughtfully and creatively. The award is a credit to our entire community and the support you give to our school and its values. Thank you.

Tomorrow is a statutory INSET Day, one of the five we have to take during a school year. The law is that all schools have to add five days to the 190 children are expected to attend school. These days are used to up-skill staff; for example training on the latest developments in teaching methods, new technology or child protection themes. Our day tomorrow is on the latest research, theories and best-practice on improving the learning environment, to make it as supportive as possible for all learners.   

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