Please see the attached poster with all the details of how we are supporting Pudsey at Parkdale.

If your child wishes to take part in the Non-uniform (uniform swap an item for spots and stripes) then you should donate on:

If you would like to register your child for the runPudsey then please register them on:

and you will need out school code which is: 79DE

EDITED: Just to be clear for families with more than one child…  You can open one ‘Just Giving’ page for your family.  Make sure you list all the participants in your family when you set it up.  All the participants will receive a certificate.  In order to get a medal each participant MUST raise at least £10.   So for the fictional Smith family – John and Mary Smith are both on the same Just Giving page and are both registered for runPudsey.  Their total giving must equal £20 or more for both of them to be awarded a medal.  I know there has been some confusion and I have contacted Simon at runPudsey to make sure we have our information correct. Thank you to all the amazing donations that have come though so far.  I am looking forward to the Pudsey Run on Friday.  Mrs Cooper.


CIN 2022 Online Info Poster