As you may know, the children at Parkdale are all in one of four houses: Clumber, Newstead, Rufford or Wollaton. They are awarded points throughout the year for good work, effort, acts of kindness, notable achievements etc and the house with the greatest number fo points at the end of the year traditionally (Covid permitting!) enjoys a treat afternon out at the cinema.

We also calculate the winning house for each term – starting afresh each time – who are rewarded with a bonus ‘non uniform day’, something School Council tell us the children really like as a treat!

For this term, we have realised that the number of children in each house is not equal. So, to make the competiton fair, we have taken the total number of points won and divided that by the number fo children in that house. This gives us an average points per child, which seems a fairer measure.

Based on this, all the houses are literally within a fraction of a point each – all seventeen point something!

The winning house, by a hair’s breadth, is…


Children in Rufford, the blue house, therefore have a bonus non-uniform day this Friday, the 17th of December.