On Monday, we hosted a large number of visitors to celebrate our Apple Distinguished award and to share the ways we use technology wit other schools and trusts. We had representatives from schools as far away as North Yorkshire, here to see how technology enhances our teaching and learning.

There were guest speakers from the world of digital technology and from Apple itself, along with their locally based partners Jigsaw24, who provide us with a great deal of support and professional development.

Our guests had a guided tour of the school and were hugely impressed with the digital skills of our children and the way the technology makes their learning come alive, taking them to places and doing things they would never experience otherwise. Of course, as is always the case when we have visitors, the main thing that bowled them over was the behaviour and attitude of the children; their love for learning, their confidence, communication skills and plain good manners.

The day resulted in a lot of social media and mainstream media coverage, including a report to follow in the Evening Post, a live podcast to 115 other schools and more besides. There was much excitement around celebrity visitor Baasit Siddiqu from TV’s Gogglebox – Baasit has a backgound in technology and education and this still occupies the majority of his working time; a very lovely chap he was too!

Other speakers included the fantasic and highly charismatic  Abdul Chohan, a very significant global player in the world of education and Vice president of Learning at Showbie, the platform we base much of our work on. Our thanks go out to Abdul for making the journey donw from Bolton on a Monday morning!

Mrs Troop gave a very informative talk on the amazing ways in which the technology has helped many of our pupils with additional needs to access the curriculum and the have their voice heard.

Another ‘special guest’ was our very own Mrs Hinton, who came in mid-Maternity leave (with baby Beatrix) to give a great presentation on just how we’ve got to where we are over the past 4 years. It was lovely to see her and she did brilliantly on just 4 hours sleep!

Finally, huge thanks to the Digital Team for all their efforts to make the day run smoothly; Miss Miller, Mrs Carlisle, Mrs Niaz and the Digital Leads; Jesse, Kemal and Chloe