The collecting of house points is closed for the year and we have a winning house! There is a clue in the photo above, if you recognise the park/building.

House points are won in many ways – largely for displaying positive values, but also for good work outcomes. Sports day points and other inter-house events also contribute.

As children are admitted and leave the school, the numbers in each house fluctuate, so we have a system in which we find the average points scored per house member – that way it doesn’t matter that the numbers are uneven at times.

Here are the overall scores – remember, they’re going to be averaged out…

Newstead (red): 2427

Clumber (green): 2682

Rufford: blue): 2497

Wollaton (yellow): 2507

When we divide each of these by the number fo children in each house, the winners are, by a slim fraction…


The winning margin over 2nd placed Rufford was an incredibly miniscule 8 house points over the entire year. 3rd placed Newstead were 155 points short of winning and 4th placed Wollaton fell 200 short.

So, Clumber children are off to the Broadway Cinema on Monday. Parents/carers of Clumber children will receive a text notifying them, with a link to a Microsoft Forms document with details and on which to give permission.

Children in Clumber will be taken to the Broadway Cinema on Monday the 17th of July to see the film Mummies. This is a recent release and a ‘U’ certificate, suitable for all. We are sure our older children will enjoy it and understand that we have to cater for their younger friends.

The bus collects at 9:15 and we will be back in time for dinner at midday or thereabouts.

The children can wear non-uniform for the day

All we need from you is permission to be transported there and back and to see the film. The visit has been risk assessed and the children will be accompanied by a good number of adults. They will be dropped and collected immediately outside the cinema and do not have to cross town. We have the screen to ourselves!

You can opt into a popcorn treat on us for them. That aside, we’ll not be taking sweets.