The forecast continues to be for extreme heat later on both days. The morning looks pleasant enough, but the afternoon tempertures are predicted to rise sharply.

With this in mind, we are perfectly happy to leave the choice of clothes for children up to parents and carers – send them in whatever you think will keep them the coolest. Loose fitting garments, light colours, sunhats with brims will all help and be acceptable. We will not be enforcing uniform rules! Whilst we’re sure some of the children will fancy wearing football shirts, these synthetic garments might not be the best choice – again though, it’s up to you parents and carers.

We’ll be encoraging plenty of drinking of water and allowing refilling of bottles at any time.

Once the heat really kicks in (assuming the forecast is correct), we’ll look very carefully at the amount of time spent outside and will look for shade as much as possible – inside may well be cooler though!

Sun cream (at least SPF 15 with UVA protection) is recommended for all.